Having in mind that Microblading is a sort of manual technique, we have to emphasize the importance of long lasting practicing, usually measured in months, not days. Initial, two-day course is just an introduction to a procedure where students get to know the core of PhiBrows – special Microblading technique, usual skin problems etc.Afterward, the training period begins. During that time students are obligated to continuously communicate with their mentors via CraftMaster application which gives them the access to all Microblading lessons. Lessons consist of videos, 2D animations and text lectures with photos. What is more, students are also required to send their works for evaluation – grades are given in accordance with the quality.

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Theoretical part

The knowledge about when the treatment cannot be done is equally important as doing the procedure itself. The theoretical part of the course is focused on topics such as skin problems, post-treatment care, symmetry, pigments, forming shapes etc.

Practical part

The practical part stands for practicing the skill – on latex (first day) and live models (second day). Practicing on live models is, in fact, filling in the Master’s contours, so there is no possibility of making mistakes. The goal is to help the students feel what it’s like to work on the real skin, acquire the sense of pressure applied on different parts of eyebrows and to eliminate their fear.

NOTE: Hygiene, as the most important part of the procedure, is presented through various preventive steps needed to be done to avoid possible serious problems.



Day 1

09:00 – Registration and contract signing between Master and student
10:00 – Basic information about the course which proved helpful for getting the wider picture about the skill of Microblading (course duration, support, obtaining the Certificate, etc.)
10:15 – Golden intersection and brows shaping on the paper
10:45 – putting the blade in holder; opening the bottle with pigment; U-pigment
11:00 – drawing the strokes on skin simulation (latex)
11:15 – Level 1 - 8
13:00 – Lunch break
14:00 – adding the students into the Craft Master learning application and explaining its basics
15:00 –Theory; information for the clients; skin problems; pigments; the appearance of the strokes; pressure...

Day 2

09:00 – Forming working groups of students based on the results accomplished during the previous day
10:00 – Practicing on live models (first group of students): Drawing the shape, Using PhiBrows application and calculating the symmetry, Proper skin stretching, Filling the pigment and pressure levels applied to the skin
13:00 – Lunch break
14:00 – Further practice (second group of students)
16:45 – Q&A
17:00 – Receiving Certificates


Note: The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program!


Certificates and trainings

PhiBrows offers 3 different types of certificates for 3 levels of training.


  • Two-day microblading course completed
  • 11 CraftMaster levels passed (usually takes from 2 to 4 weeks)

Royal Artist

  • Have minimum one year of PMU experience or at least 6 months of PhiBrows experience
  • Demonstrate exceptional activity in PhiCommunity (PMU & Microblading world community)
  • Be highly appreciated by the other Artists and Masters
  • Selflessly assist and help other students
  • Follow trends and continuously perfecting skills
  • Be extremely careful when choosing equipment and work material


PhiMaster has to be chosen among the Royal Artists. PhiMaster is an expert certified for educating other students and whose expertise is guaranteed by the PhiAcademy. Master title can be used for the official representatives of the Academy, as well as for the independent Masters who are allowed to use CraftMaster application but with their own tutoring material.


Why choose us?

PhiBrows Academy is on of the leading academies in the world and its certified students are recognized worldwide. We are giving you the opportunity to increase your income enormously at affordable prices by doing what you love the most.

The price of the course includes:

  • 6 months of full support
  • Certificate of completion
  • Microblading kit worth over 1.200 € (for about 80 treatments)
  • Access to online community
  • Medical assistance from one of our doctors who will be answering your questions
  • Tips and tricks on how to develop your own business quickly


Prices of the Workshops are:

  • Live course – 2000€ + VAT 19%
  • Online course – 1550€ + VAT 19%


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Microblading Course
Frankfurt, Germany
October 19 - October 20
Microblading Course
Hamburg, Germany
October 26 - Oktober 27
Microblading Course
München, Germany
November 9 - November 10
Microblading Course
Berlin, Germany
November 23 - November 24
Microblading Course
Köln, Germany
November 30 - December 1
Microblading Course
Hamburg, Germany
December 14 - December 15

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