PHIACADEMY LLC is a company founded in 2014 which is engaged in creation and implementation of the courses in the beauty industry field, as well as in production of cosmetic products, instruments and tools. Mr. Branko Babić is its founder who is the sole proprietor and creator of this business concept whose goal to bring the beauty industry to a completely new level.

The name PhiAcademy is inspired by the Greek letter φ which represents the golden ratio (1.618) and which is also known as perfect proportion. It has been scientifically proven that every object in this ratio is recognized by human eye as good looking and harmonious. By combining mathematics and nature, the company founder was able to create a unique approach to beauty. Owing to that, the company has developed a unique system of education which can be accessed by students from almost every part of the world.

Each student who wishes to become a certified PhiAcademy Artist and to use techniques can achieve that through a number of courses that the company offers, whose aim is achieving perfection in craft and technique, and recognizable work method.

Special education system, in which the students are monitored and evaluated step by step from the very beginning, has led to a high level of control and thus also of the selection of Artists who represent the Academy.

With their work, effort and improvement, Artists get the possibility to further advance. If they prove their quality with their works, the best Artists are promoted to the Royal Artists.

Royal Artist is an Artist who is recognized by every Master in that field and voting is performed exclusively in the circle of Masters. In addition to the unquestionable skills and quality of their work, Royal Artists promote the Academy in the best light. After 6 months carrying this title, they get the opportunity to become Master Assistants, and later Masters, who represent the elite of our brand in the world.

Only the best ones, who contribute to the development of an existing technique or who create a new one, can become Grand Masters and this is the highest acknowledgment by the Academy.

Using this system and with clearly defined rules, the company has given equal opportunity to anyone, while it has, in return, received excellent ambassadors in the whole world. Academy stands behind all certified Artists and guarantees for their work.

In order to keep up with new technologies, we created the specialized Craft Master Application for learning and sharing knowledge. The application has tools for monitoring students’ work, for evaluating, giving instructions and suggestions to them, and it has a forum where students can actively participate and interact with each other, as well.

Craft Master platform offers various courses and also gives possibility to the individuals, small businesses, and even to companies to create their own courses and to teach through the App.

Every course has its prescribed structure and is made up of lessons, information about the course, video materials and pictures, as well as levels that students need to pass in order to become Artists of certain technique or craft. 

During courses, students are constantly monitored, directed, informed and supported by their Masters.

Furthermore, PHIACADEMY LLC deals with production of cosmetic products, instruments and tools in the beauty industry field. In addition to treatments, golden ratio has influenced designer and practical aspects of our products as well. In that regard, the golden ratio divider has been adapted for designing perfect eyebrows, which makes PhiAcademy distinguishable in the world. The range of cosmetic products used before and after treatment, as well as cosmetics for home use, is produced in cooperation with partners by using modern technologies. The products are sold mainly on foreign market through wholesale and in smaller volume on the domestic market through retail.

The great success that the company has accomplished in a relatively short time is proof that it is reliable and safe supplier of QUALITY SERVICES and PRODUCTS to their end users. In order to improve its results, the company implements a clearly defined policy by applying measures and controlling processes at all levels.

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